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Bringing people from spiritual

infancy to spiritual maturity.

Adult Bible Fellowships

Adult Bible Fellowships

Open Door provides classes every Sunday for all!. It's never too early or too late to learn the Word of God and let it change your life. Whatever age, whatever state, there is a group to meet the needs of your entire family!

Seth, who resides in Marysville says: “It has been such a blessing to learn from God's word in a small group environment, where we study each book of the Bible, verse by verse. This method allows for more interaction between the class and the teacher and facilitates a better understanding of God's word, through an in depth discussion of the text.”

Pillars of Faith

Education Building Rooms 201 & 203 | Sundays 11:15 AM
Teacher: Assistant Pastor Kurt Kennedy & Paul Monsef

The Pillars of Faith Sunday school class seeks to build Christians into pillars of great faith through study and fellowship around God’s Word. The class has an informal atmosphere, and lively discussions often take place. The class studies how the Word of God applies to our lives today and how we can equip ourselves with the Word to reach the lost before Christ’s return.

Sonrise Fellowship

Main Building Room 104 | Sundays 8:30 AM
Teacher: Assistant Pastor Kurt Kennedy

This Bible study is for all of those early risers; this is our only class to meet at 8:30 AM for those who would like to attend class earlier in the morning. This class is also wheelchair accessible.

Ladies of Faith
Education Building Room 205 | Sundays 9:45 AM
Teacher: Mrs. Mary Murphy & Mrs. Becky Vanderpool

This class seeks to meet the needs of Christian ladies. Make friendships and grow closer to the Savior in this new class as we fellowship together around God’s Word.

Education Building Room 211 | Sundays 11:15 AM
Teachers: Assistant Pastor Mason Justesen

Our Seeker's Class is aimed at single individuals who are in college or just beginning their careers. We seek to build relationships and Bible knowledge at this important time of life. We have doctrinal Bible studies in class, and a lot of fun outside of class in our monthly activities. Come and visit us!

Foundations for Living
AGES 55+
Main Building Room 104 | Sundays 9:45 AM
Teachers: James Jones & Gary Dick

The Foundations For Living class is open to all. We offer doctrinal Bible teaching to edify and strengthen the believer in Christ. Our class is wheelchair accessible to those who may not be able to attend class in the Education Building. Visit us any time (first floor of the Main Building, just outside the Fellowship Hall) to receive a blessing from God’s Word.

Education Building Rooms 201 & 203 | Sundays 9:45 AM
Teacher: Pat Halliday & Adam Sconyers

The Ambassadors class seeks to promote a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by studying the Scriptures, applying God’s truth to our lives, and having fellowship with one another. Our Group is centered on the Bible! Every Sunday we make the Scriptures come alive by applying them to our lives!

Marriage Makers I
Education Building Room 209 | Sundays 9:45 AM
Teacher: Assistant Pastor PeeJay Murillo & James Wood

The Marriage Makers class is designed to meet the spiritual needs of young married couples. We strive to develop christian friendships and have fellowship around God’s Word.

Marriage Makers II
Education Building Room 210 | Sundays 11:15 AM
Teachers: Sean Barley & Seth Stephens

The Marriage Makers class is designed to meet the spiritual needs of young married couples. We strive to develop lasting friendships with a biblical foundation. We have monthly activities to build strong relationships- an essential key to maturing as a Christian in the Body of Christ. Above all, we seek to worship our Lord Jesus Christ in everything we say and do.

Education Building Room 202 | Sundays 11:15 AM
Teachers: Cesar Millena & Brandon Ha

In this class we seek to grow in the faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus by devoting ourselves to the study of His Word. Every three months we begin a new study covering a book of the Bible or a special topic; join us as we “navigate” the Scriptures together.

True North Class
Education Building Room 208 | Sundays 11:15 AM
Teachers: Wayne Mitchell

Find your bearings in the True North Sunday School class! Doctrinal Bible teaching every Sunday will help you understand God’s direction for you, and stay true to His purpose for your life. Join us this week as we open the Scriptures together.

Spanish Ministry
Education Building Room 208 | Sundays 11:15 AM
Teacher: Raúl Altamirano

Nací en la ciudad de México, D.F. en 1975 en un hogar Católico. A la edad de 18 años decidí emigrar a los Estados Unidos en busca de una vida diferente. Y en esta búsqueda, encontré la salvación y el Santo Evangelio de Dios, 1 Cor. 15:1-4. Esto fue en Texas el 6 de Octubre, 2002.  Después de esto llegamos a Lynnwood, Washington, a Open Door Baptist Church y aquí fui instruido en la Palabra de Dios, 2 Tim. 2:15. Y ahora Dios ha puesto un gran deseo por las almas y el deseo de ayudar a mis hermanos a conocer las santas Escrituras y permanecer en la sana doctrina.

Cornerstone Class

Education Building Room 206 | Sundays 9:45 AM
Teacher: Ralph Carroll

This class will ground you in the faith. You will have a great time of not only doctrinal bible study but plenty of fellowship as well! Come early and stay late as we fellowship around God’s Word.